How Changes To The Canadian Electrical Code Could Affect You

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The Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) is a critical component of Canada’s electrical safety system. It has been designed to keep installers, regulators, consumers, and their families safe from harm. Every four years, the CEC is updated with new electrical code rules, guidelines and amendments which are aimed to improve and maintain safety. Naturally, all the players within the industry have to keep pace with the changes and follow them diligently.

These changes are not extreme at all times but often lead to a hike in price. It affects not only the electrician but the consumer as well. When the CEC modifies the electrical code, the scope of work of small electrical businesses such as ours will change which unfortunately alters our labor and material prices.

The advantage of this trend within our industry is that our engineers are always in search of a better and safer product for the consumer. New technologies have a dramatic change in the electrical world.

For example, the Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are the latest technological advancement that has gained popularity in the lighting industry as it consumes a significantly less amount of power, therefore, reducing waste and maximizing electrical efficiency. Everyone on the globe using LEDs has affected and benefited by it positively. Even if you own a smartphone, you are influenced by this trend first hand.

The disadvantage of this trend is that as LED’s are the newest and latest products which use a fraction of power; this is enough to increase the supply and demand of the product and thereby increases the price of each unit.

However, every home or business owner can reap the benefits once they learn more about this change. Understand that if you adapt energy efficient technology which consumes less power; you will cut down on costs and contribute to a healthier environment!

To ensure your electrical work is carried out smoothly, professional electrical services are needed. At Connco Electric, our electrician along with a hydro representative will consult each client and then point out the possible areas where savings can be made. We then submit an application which is required to apply for the local commercial lighting program. Moreover, we notify you of the fixture rebate amount along with the annual savings you can expect.

It is important to note that after the installation work is complete, your local electrical authority will pay your electrical contractor outright and you can sit back comfortably while paying monthly installments at affordable prices.

For those who are unfamiliar with the new changes and looking to support renewable energy solutions, reach out to Connco Electric. Our electricians are licensed and insured with twenty-three years of experience providing residential and commercial applications across Winnipeg, Headingley, Oak Bluff, Selkirk, and Stonewall.

We keep ourselves up to date with technologies and trends and continually seeking innovative ideas for establishing creative leads and sales for new or pending clients.

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